Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving Menu

This is our Thanksgiving Menu for this year. It is a combination of recipes that I make every year and ones that my sister-in-law makes every year. My brother and his family will be joining us for Thanksgiving this year, and I'm pretty sure this will be our first Thanksgiving together since college. I'm very much looking forward to spending time with them. Plus I'm totally jonesing for this yummy food!

Grilled Turkey: Everyone should try a grilled thanksgiving turkey once in their lives. It's a very easy method, and cooks the bird to perfection, with a golden brown crispy outer layer and flavorful tender juicy meat inside. It is quick to cook, and because you use a foil roasting pan, clean up's a snap. And it frees up your oven for potatoes, rolls, and pie! Here's how:

Sweet Potato Casserole: This casserole recipe was given to me by my old boss and dear friend, Colleen. It immediately became a favorite with the whole family. I feel funny about including it with the side dishes, because it tastes just like dessert!

Sweet Potato Casserole

Mash together:
2 C. cooked, mashed sweet potatoes (4-5 potatoes)
1 ¼ C. sugar
¾ stick of margarine
1 C. milk
¼ t. nutmeg
¼ t. cinnamon
2 eggs

Bake at 400 for 40 minutes or until set (mine usually takes much longer than this)

Mix together and spread over top:
¾ stick margarine
¾ C. crushed corn flakes
½. C. brown sugar
½ C. chopped pecans

Bake at 400 for 10 minutes, or long enough to melt topping.

Green Bean Casserole: just follow the recipe on the French's Fried Onions can! YUM

Homemade rolls: these I make in the breadmaker beforehand and freeze. Then a quick microwave heat-up and they taste like I baked them that moment!

Chocolate Creme Pie: Though not a traditional Thanksgiving Pie, I made this one year and my husband made me promise to make it every year. This one's for you, Babe:

note: I substitute ready-made refrigerated pie crust (pillsbury) for the graham cracker crumbs.

Corn Casserole (this one is Mary Kay's, email me for recipe)

Stuffing (Mary Kay's recipe)

Gravy (Mary Kay's recipe)

Cranberries (Mary Kay's recipe)

Pecan Pie (Mary Kay's recipe)

I hope all of you enjoy your feasts! I love your comments!