Monday, July 25, 2011

Between Trips: Easy Week

Since this week will be whirlwind as I unpack from my southern trip, wash clothes, and repack for my northern trip (what am I thinking???), I'm taking it easy in the kitchen with lots of fast, tasty meals. Fast means less effort for me, tasty means not a lot of hassle at dinner trying, cajoling, my kids to try it. Though they are good eaters, they do need some convincing sometimes!

Wednesday: Shrimp Boil
I picked up a heap of fresh gulf shrimp while in Houston. I can't wait to have my very first shrimp boil! Corn on the cob, new potatoes, and fresh gulf shrimp, all boiled in seasonings and literally dumped on a butcher paper-covered table for authenticity.

Thursday: Ham and Swiss Egg Sandwiches, fresh peaches

Friday: Cold Sesame Noodles, fresh pineapple

Saturday: BBQ Chicken Pizza