Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dinner Diva is Back!

Sad, but true, the vacation has ended. Sometimes, the vacation is so much work one has to go home in order to get some rest. Sometimes, the vacation goes on so long one can't wait for it to end. Neither was the case for this vacation. We were utterly spoiled, by my parents, the weather, and the location; it was very hard for all of us to leave. Even the dogs seemed to have the time of their lives.

Now it's time to reintroduce the routine of the school year: before-school chores, school itself, on-time bedtimes, and, of course, the meal plan.

It's also a good time to try new things. We're going to start letting the kids choose and help make one meal per week. This week Zaden will help, and next week it will be Colsen.

Monday: Freezer Meal: Chicken Parmesan, spinach, garlic bread

Tuesday: Sweet Orange Salmon, steamed pea pods, orange wedges, brown rice

Wednesday: Asparagus Frittata, fresh fruit, english muffins

(To increase the "wow" factor, bake and serve these in individual au gratin dishes.)

Thursday: (Kid's Choice) : Faux Es Cargot, chips, baked beans

Friday: Grilled Chicken Breasts, Olive Cheese Bread, Salad, Fruit

Saturday: Pizza night

Sunday: Orange Roughy, Edamame, Baby Red Potatoes

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